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Sockin' Sally Gooden

by Steve Kaufman

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Now let's work on an interesting style of back-up for fiddle tunes called "Sock Style" or "Texas-Style" rhythm. Instead of the old "Sally Gooden" chords where we used a G primarily and then a quick D at the turnaround points, we will now use a new chord progression, one that creates a walking bass line as well as brilliant chord voicings that complement the melody of "Sally Gooden".

Let's review some of the chords. I have marked the fingerings on the chords that you may not be familiar with. The strings that are not used have an "x" on them indicating that the string is muted or deadened. The Eb9 and D9 chord are the same shape, just one fret apart on the fretboard. Place the 3rd finger across the 1st three strings. Then the 2nd finger crosses over the 5th to the 6th string and the 1st finger covers the 4th string. In the case of the D9 chord, the note you are muting (at the 5th fret on the 5th string) is actually the root of the chord. You can play it if you want, although I don't and you don't need to.

You don't really need to read all the notes in the lead sheet because you'll be playing a bass/strum pattern. Finger the chord indicated in the progression, hit the lowest bass note fingered, and then strum the remainder of the chord. Doing this alone will create a walking bass line!

Have fun with this classic back-up part and learn it well.

Bye for now and see you at my Kamp in Tennessee in June!
Steve Kaufman

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