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Intervallic Patterns

by Pablo Satek

I realized the importance of approaching improvising through intervallic patterns while studying with master guitarist Joe Diorio as well as by working through his books. Learning the interval relationships between notes and particularly how they work in intervals of fourths and fifths gave me fresh insight to applying them in diatonic situations, sometimes sounding "out" of the tonality. I chose the A minor pentatonic scale to develop these patterns, with the root on the 6th string at the fifth fret; the intervals are based on fourths with some chromaticism added. The patterns could successfully be played over the following chords:

Am11 - Asus4 - Dm9 - Dadd9 - D7sus4 - Cmaj6 - Fmaj7- Fmaj9

In this case I wrote a lead pattern consisting of perfect fourths with the exception of the C-E interval, a major third. Remember, you are playing out of the A minor pentatonic scale.

( EX 1 )

The following patterns are also in fourths but in addition, some Chromaticism is evident.

(EX.2 and 3)

Etude No.1 is a combination of various intervallic patterns.

I hope these patterns will be useful to you in developing your vocabulary and technical skills for improvisation.


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