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by Drew Andrews

Mel Bay Publications is bringing the past into the digital age. Hard to find, discontinued and vintage Mel Bay products are now being made available as digital downloads. Want a new book or song to learn at 4 am? Need something new for a student in the next twenty minutes? Now you can find material and get it almost instantaneously.

Downloads have been created using the Adobe PDF file format. Simply browse www.MelBay.com, find the product you are looking for, download the plug-in that allows you to view the file and continue to the check-out to purchase the download. Once you have checked out you will be authorized to view the encrypted file for 5 hours and print it up to two times. After this time has expired the file will no longer be accessible.

The formatting of downloads allows one to pick and choose what they want from the book. The entire book may be purchased, or just one song, or an entire section depending on how it has been divided up. Many books had CDs with them when purchased new. Now the entire accompanying CD is also available for download as MP3 files. The audio files are free with the download of a product.

Over 130 books have been broken up into 980 sections, covering many style and instruments. Embracing the internet, Mel Bay is moving forward with not only digital print products, but soon introducing streaming video lessons.

Guitar Downloads

Product NumberTitleFormatPrice
99456D Derk van der Veen - Blues and Ballads Download Download $2.95
96647D Tone Poems II for Guitar Download Download $13.50
98365D Flatpicking Tunes for 12-String Guitar Download Download $5.95
98183D Three Compositions for Two Guitars Download Download $9.50
97032D French Clavecin Music for Guitar Download Download $29.95
97792D The Berlioz Collection Download $6.95
98414D Scarlatti Sonatas for Guitar Download Download $9.95
94488D Easy Classic Guitar Solos for Children Download Download $3.95
99956D 25 Decidedly Different Guitar Duets Download Download $6.95
20422D Magnificat for Double Quartet Download Download $15.00
98117D Jazz Guitar Greats Download Download $6.95
98050D Guitarist's Cornerstones for Development of Technique & Sound Download Download $6.50
98144D Johannes Brahms Arranged for Guitar Download Download $6.95
98380D Blues Sonata and Jazz Standards for Guitar Download Download $6.50
98257D 101 Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Licks Download Download $4.95
98352D Select Danzas of Juan Morel Campos for Classic Guitar Download Download $4.95
98756D American Sketches Download Download $3.95
96015D Music of the North American Indians for Acoust Guitar Download Download $5.95
20160D Flatpicking Collection Volume 3 Download Download $6.50
98562D Flatpicking Collection - 1998 Edition Download Download $6.50
98230D G. P. Telemann's 12 Fantasies for Guitar Download Download $4.95
95696D Tone Poems for Guitar Download Download $9.95
95341D Carlos Barbosa-Lima Contemporary Etudes, Preludes & Pieces For Guitar Download $9.95
95273D Blues Classics for Acoustic Guitar Download $5.95
99133D Sonata Concertata Arranged for Guitar Duet Download $9.95
95270D Carlos Barbosa-Lima - Guitar Scales - Download Download $3.95
95306D Complete Book of Jazz Single String Studies Download $11.00
97521D Marcel Dadi & Jean Felix-Lalanne Concert Solo/Duet Download Download $7.50
97747D Guitar Collection of Roger Hudson Download Download $7.50
99227D The Complete Fantasias of Luys Milán Download Download $9.95
98093D South American Guitar Solos Download Download $5.95
96207D Barrios in Tablature Volume 2 Download Download $7.95
99267D Felix Mendelssohn Variations Serieuses, Op. 54 Download Download $5.95
98642D Fingerstyle Explorations Download Download $5.50
98681D Mozart Divertimento No. 14 Arranged for Guitar Quartet Download $10.00
98387D Bass Line Basics for Guitar Download $4.95
20801D Electric Guitar Etudes Download $6.95
94004D Solos for Festival and Fun - Guitar Download $7.95
95382D Three Sonatas by J.S. Bach for Flute & Guitar Download $4.95
97342D Flatpicking Collection, Vol. 1 Download $7.50
94840D Brazilian Music for Acoustic Guitar Download $6.95
97335D 101 Red Hot Swing Guitar Licks Download $5.95
20847D A Dozen Italian Diversions for Classical Guitar Download $6.95
95064D Blues Guitar Songbook Download $7.95
95336D Guitar Chart of International Scales Download $1.95
94641D Complete Anthology Of Elementary Classic Guitar Solos Download $15.00
95482D Latin American Songs For Guitar Download $12.00
95055D Melodies Of Spain For Acoustic Guitar Download $7.95
95200D Irish, Scottish, & Border Melodies for Flatpicking Guitar Download $7.95
94330D Beginning Country Guitar Handbook Download $7.95
95115D Marcel Dadi Fingerpicking Guitar Legend Download $7.95
95425D Sal Salvador Sight Reading Studies For Guitar Download $7.95
96216D Mastering Guitar Technique: Process & Essence Download $14.00
95492D Spanish Songs For Guitar Download $7.95
94171D Fingerstyle Guitar Handbook Download $5.50
94365D Learning Rock Lead Guitar Download $5.95
95502D The Guitarist's Complete Technique Kit Download $5.95
96224D 101 Fingerstyle Guitar Accompaniment Patterns Download $6.50
96318D A Study Of The Many Shades Of The Blues Download $5.95
96539D Rock Solos For Guitar Download $4.25
94847D Medieval & Renaissance Dance Music For Guitar Download Download $8.00
93291D Blues Guitar Styles Download $3.95
93223D Folk Guitar Styles Download $2.95
94845D Complete Book Of Guitar Technique Download $12.95
95475D Stephen Foster For Acoustic Guitar Download $7.50
93398D Guitar Fingerboard Harmony Download $8.95
93922D Deluxe Gospel Guitar Method Volume 2 Download $6.95
93284D Deluxe Album Of Classic Guitar Music Download $7.00
93996D Blues, Boogie & Rock Guitar Download $8.00
95104D Al Hendrickson Jazz Guitar Solos Download $4.95
95369D Elements Of Technique For Guitar Download $7.50
93956D Left Hand Studies For Classical Guitar Download $6.50
95634D Jazz Sonatas for Solo Guitar Download $7.95
94716D Back-Up Pedal Steel Guitar Download $10.50
95489D A Guitarist's Treasury of Songs Download $18.00
95694D Giuliani Revisited Download $6.50
97113D How to Play Seven-String Guitar Download $5.50
98876D The Cathedral (La Catedral) Download $3.70
95428D Masterpieces for Two Guitars Download $7.50
98874D Air (on the G String) Download $2.95
98928D Malaguena Download $2.95
95760D Contemporary Tropical Classic Guitar Compositions Download $5.95
95449D Balkan Dreams Suite Download $7.50
95038D Carols of the British Isles for Acoustic Guitar Download $5.95
93955D Jazz Solos for Acoustic Guitar Download $4.95
97259D Steve Baughman - Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Solos Download $6.50

Visit www.MelBay.com to see a full list of all available downloads.

Contact Editor   |   Visit our main web site - www.melbay.com

Contact Editor   |   Visit our main web site - www.melbay.com

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