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Guitarist/educator Pablo Satek was born in San Fernando, BA, Argentina on April 18, 1973. He began taking guitar lessons at the age of sixteen while he was in high school. Inspired by the Beatles, he started his first band which played rock n' roll and blues. After a while he discovered jazz; his musical perspective was altered through listening to Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane, and he began to focus on jazz studies. Among his teachers were Sacri Delfino, Luís Dagostino, Marcelo Kitai, Ernesto Jodos, and Pino Marrone.

In 1999 Pablo completed a degree in music at the I.T.M.C., a branch of the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Los Angeles. In Argentina, he also participated in clinics and workshops with Scott Henderson, Sid Jacobs, Armand Sabal-Lecco (Paul Simon's bassist), John Stowell, and Robben Ford. In January 2000 he took lessons with Joe Diorio in Los Angeles, and in July 2001 he also studied with another great jazz guitar player, John Abercrombie in New York.

In January 2002 he recorded his first CD entitled Pablo Satek- Solo Jazz Guitar consisting of five compositions of his own plus seven standards.

As a leader, Pablo has been invited to perform in events like The Buenos Aires Jazz Festival edition 2001 and 2002, Buenos Aires and Other Musics 2003, Rosario's HOT CLUB summer sessions 2003, and The Rosario Jazz Festival 2003.

In 2004 Pablo was invited to the FOTOJAZZEANDO jazz festival in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina. This event kicked off his first major tour which later took him to the United States to present Solo Jazz Guitar at Detour, The 5C cafe, Arthur's Tavern, and many other venues.

Pablo is also a columnist for EL GUITARRISTA magazine for which he has written such articles as "Joe Diorio's Intervalic Designs" and "Joe Pass' Solo Guitar Style".

Solo Jazz Guitar was named by JAZZ TIMES as one of the important new releases of 2003 and called Pablo "One of the promising guitarists from South America".

Beatles for Solo Guitar is Pablo's latest release from SK music, his own label. Recorded in 2004, the disc is comprised of eight classics from The Fab Four, including "In My Life" and "Something" in what many regard as their best instrumental renditions.

In July 2004 he recorded his third live album called PABLO SATEK in Concert at the Jazz Club San Rafael in Mendoza, Argentina. This release contains a few compositions from his first album and jewels like Monk classics "Ruby My Dear" and "'Round Midnight".

In August 2004 he wrote his first conceptual album entitled Basic Triology, divided in three parts based on the concept of "The Mother" as the beginning of the universe, "The Son" as the hope of evolution and "The Hipervinculo" as the relationship between the Mother and Son and the environment.

Besides his career as a solo musician Pablo performs with S3JAZZ his trio composed of Agustín Strizzi on drums and Martín Schavelzón on double bass.

In 2005 this new project will be recorded at B.A. Studios and will mark a new beginning for S3JAZZ, which will be touring America and Europe and participating in various jazz festivals. Pablo currently teaches at the I.T.M.C. in Argentina, conducts seminars and workshops, and gigs throughout South America.


Pablo Satek- Solo Jazz Guitar (SK music, 2002)

Pablo Satek- Solo Jazz Guitar Transcriptions (book, SK music, 2003)

Pablo Satek- The Beatles for Solo Guitar (SK music, 2004)

Pablo Satek in Concert (SK music, 2004)

Pablo Satek- Beatles for Solo Guitar: Transcription Book (SK music, 2004)

Here's what critics, mentors and peers are saying about Pablo Satek:

"Pablo's passion for his music comes through in every note he plays."
          Sid Jacobs

"I was immediately drawn to Pablo Satek's sensuous Latin guitar roots..."
          George W. Carrol, EJAZZNEWS

"This album [Solo Jazz Guitar] lets us know an inner world full of images generated by the harmonic developments of which Pablo is a master."
          Cesar Pradines, La Nación (Argentina)

"Pablo is a fine Player; he has a bright future in music."
          Joe Diorio

"Pablo's technique is reminiscent of the late LENNY BREAU in his early years".
          Richard Bouncier

"Technically superior, Pablo brings honor to the tradition he absorbed along his music career and adds that measure of talent, a gift he was born with, to make his interpretations even more brilliant."
          Mariano Albergoli

"Pablo firmly places his own trademark on "Here Comes the Sun" and "Norwegian Wood". Both songs lend themselves perfectly to the solo guitar form of expression."
          Richard Bourcier,
          speaking of The Beatles for Solo Guitar

"The Beatles for Solo Guitar is highly recommended and requisite listening for anyone who loves the band and their music."
          Bandy Delpozzi - President of The Jazz Club, San Rafael (Mendoza), Argentina

For more information about Pablo Satek, please visit his website at: www.pablosatek.com.ar

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