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Billy in the Low Ground

by Steve Kaufman

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Hi friends-

Concerning the 7-banger..... I use a Gallagher 7-string cutaway tuned with the 7th string tuned to a low "B", an octave below the B at the second fret of the fifth string. My strings come either from DR Strings or D'Adarrio; I use a .66 gauge on the bottom along with standard medium guage strings (.13 - .56) for the rest. The width at the nut of my Gallager 7-string is 2 1/8".

I chose the tune "Billy in the Low Ground" for you although you can take advantage of the low end of a 7-string guitar on almost any fiddle tune that's commonly played on the guitar. That 7th string simply gives you additional base line and chord voicing arranging options.

In the first and third lines any note requiring 4 ledger lines or more is going to lie on that 7th string. This song should not pose much of a challenge except for the stretch needed to bridge across all the strings while playing at the bass end.

Have fun with this arrangement and let me know how it goes.

Bye for now,
Steve Kaufman

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