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Mel Bay Publications, Inc. Announces New Record Company and Label

by Bryan Leonard

One might assume that after fifty-seven years in the music business Mel Bay Publications, Inc. has just about done it all...well, we're getting closer. For some time now we have pondered the idea of entering the recording industry and we are proud to announce our new division, Mel Bay Records.

For years Mel Bay Publications, Inc. has prided itself in bringing the techniques and teachings of the world's finest musicians to aspiring students and educators everywhere.

The tradition of Mel Bay continues with the formation of Mel Bay Records and its new jazz label Guitar Sessions®. The goal is to produce albums that showcase the intensity and virtuosity of some of today's most sought after jazz musicians. Speaking of the new venture president William Bay said, "CD production is not a completely new idea to Mel Bay. To date we have produced over a thousand different instructional CDs. Since so many of our writers are truly great performers, we thought the next logical step was to produce their studio recordings. The Guitar Sessions® label features some of the world's finest jazz guitarists at their hard-driving best."

The first series of releases on the Guitar Sessions® label will feature new CDs by jazz guitarists Corey Christiansen, Jimmy Bruno, Vic Jurus, Bruce Saunders and many more. Along with the first series of albums, the new label will release a series of concert DVDs featuring live performances by Peter Bernstein, Jimmy Bruno, Jack Wilkins Tal Farlow and Frank Vignola plus a recent documentary on archtop guitar master luthier Robert Benedetto.

Most of Mel Bay Records CD releases include enhanced features that allow the listener to view video clips of studio sessions and performances, read musician bios, view gear and more. Mel Bay Publications, Inc. will also be publishing transcription books containing the recorded solos and a play-along CD for each new album released.

With the launch of the new label comes the launch of Mel Bay Records' new website. For additional information about upcoming releases, news, artists bios and ordering visit www.MelBayRecords.com

June 1, 2004 marks the official release of Corey Christiansen's Awakening

Mel Bay Records is proud to announce the official and long awaited release of Corey Christiansen's new album Awakening . When Mel Bay Records decided to launch their new jazz label Guitar Sessions®, they knew they needed an album and an artist who would set the stage for what is yet to come. Speaking of Christiansen's new release William Bay, president of Mel Bay Publications, Inc. said, "The goal for Awakening was to produce an album which conveyed the intensity, the beauty and the virtuosity of Corey's playing…burning jazz guitar."

Christiansen took the opportunity to record Awakening with long-time friends and notable musicians Danny Gottlieb on drums, Per Danielsson on piano, and with Mark Neuenschwander on bass. Christiansen explores all avenues on Awakening from playing Coltrane changes over the bridge of jazz standard All the Things You Are to his original modal composition Little Hands, Big Dreams, written for and dedicated to his two-year-old son. Dave Zaworski of Downbeat Magazine recently raved, "From the first note, Corey Christiansen lights a rhythmic fire that never flickers, punctuating chords with precision and soloing with zeal on this set of inventive originals and standards."

Following the new tradition of Mel bay records, Corey's new CD contains an array of enhanced features that allows the listener to view video clips of studio sessions and performances, read musician bios, view gear and more. June 1, 2004 will mark the official release of Awakening. Copies can be purchased conveniently at www.MelBayRecords.com

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