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Sally Gooden, Part 2

by Steve Kaufman

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Welcome back to my corner of the Internet friends. Here we have the continuation of a classic Texas fiddle tune. I imagine it is sounding more classic Texas each time we look at it. By now you are familiar with the melody of the song. You have worn out the straight break and it is time to add a little pizzazz to the solo. What I've done is add a few more streams of eighth notes around the melody with a slight variation on the theme and took away the repeats. This adds a little subtle change for you and the listener. You can still clearly see the four-measure theme of "Sally Gooden" because I've marked the four measure intervals with double bars.

What I am trying to illustrate with this song is the growth potential of music and how a theme can evolve through variation. Originally "Sally" was a 4-measure song in the key of G. Now it is the most popular contest fiddle song in the world, typically played in the key of A to suit that instrument.

Next time I want to look at the element of the backup rhythm. We currently have a G chord and a frisky little D7 chord in the song, but next month the chords will be changing every two beats and we'll create a nice walking bass line as well. You may already be using the big wide bluegrass G with the D added on the second string. I don't use this chord all the time but it can be used throughout or in places like end phrases, punch areas, etc. Get this version under your skin and be ready for a nice little chord workout.

Hi Friends: Lots of stuff going on so here we go.

I will be on tour in Switzerland and Germany the first part of March and hope to see some of my Euro friends at the workshops and concerts. List to follow....

When I get back I will be heading right away up to a new workshop and concert whistle stop in Twinsburg, OH called Gitterpickers. They have the workshop over half full now and said they still have a few slots open so jump in there. (Info at bottom of note)

At the Palace:
This coming weekend (March 5) is Montana Skies - a great duo of cello and classical style guitar work. They were here last year. Go to www.palacetheater.com for info

I always look forward to meeting and greeting so come on out to the shows and workshops and I'll see you down the road somewhere.

Tour Schedule:

March 3: Workshop with Rick Noorlander at Urs Winkler's Guitar Repair in the Showroom,Gams CH

March 4: Konzert with Rick Noorlander at Urs Winkler's Guitar Repairs in Gams,CH

March 5: Konzert with Rick Noorlander at "Linde" in Appenzell,CH

March 6: CH-8046 Zürich Concert with Andy Glandt at Café Lerchenberg, Lerchenhalde 2 at 11:00 - 11 am

March 8: 84478 Waldkraiburg, Concert with Andy Glandt at Haus der Kultur, Grüner Weg 20b at 8 pm

March 9: 07503 Gera, Concert with Andy Glandt at Barocksaal im Museum für Naturkunde, Nicolaiberg 3 at 8 pm

March 11: 01169 Dresden, Concert with Andy Glandt at Club Passage, "Bunkis Gitarrenladen" at 8 pm

March 12: 26209 Sandkrug, Concert with Andy Glandt at "Werkstatt 24", bei Oldenburg in Oldenburg at 8 pm

March 13: 38228 Salzgitter, Concert with Andy Glandt at Brücke, Kurt-Schmachjer-Ring 4 at 11 AM

March 18-19: Twinsburg, OH

Steve will conduct his 1st Annual Award Winning - All Level- 2 Day - Hands On - Flatpicking Guitar Workshops hosted by Gitter Pickers located at 9224-Y Darrow Rd. Twinsburg, Ohio 44087. 20 Students Max.
A deposit holds your spot. Bring a tape recorder, guitar and lots of questions.
Contact Steve or Laura at gitterpicker@adelphia.net or (330) 487-1171 to register

March 19: Twinsburg, OH
Steve will give a concert performance at Michael's Sandwiches and Cafe' in Twinsburg.
Doors will open at 7:00pm with the concert beginning at 8:00pm.
Michael's is located at 10071 Darrow Road, in the Sky Bank building.
Tickets for the concert are $15, and can be purchased at GitterPicker.
Contact them at gitterpicker@adelphia.net or (330) 487-1171 for ticket info.

Take care and see you all soon.
Bye for now,
Steve Kaufman

Come to the Kamps:
Week One: June 12-19, 2005
Flatpicking, Fingerpicking, Dobro, Bass and Fiddle Week Two: June 19-26, 2005 Flatpicking, Mandolin, Bluegrass and Old Time Banjo Register on-line soon at www.flatpik.com or call 800-FLATPIK Voted the Gold Award for "Best Camps"
Join my email news list at www.flatpik.com

Good luck and let me know how it treats you.

See you at Kamp in June!
Steve Kaufman

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