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DVD/Book Packages

by Drew Andrews

In the last year a new product has gained prominence at Mel Bay. This product is the book that includes a DVD. As either a Book/DVD or a Book/CD/DVD format books are more user friendly than ever. Now, no matter what type of learner you are, visual or audio, there is a product to help you.

Some books are available with or without the DVD. Thanks to technology no longer does an instructional DVD have to cost $40-$80. Previously published books that had a separate instructional video are now being made available with the DVD included. Recently repackaged books with DVD include Mel Bay’s Complete Jazz Guitar Method, Modern Guitar Method Grade 1, and many more.

Now more than ever, Mel Bay offers the complete and most comprehensive way to learn guitar.

Book+CD+DVD Packages

Product NumberTitleFormatPrice
98053SET Advanced Modern Rock Guitar Improvisation Book+CD+DVD $29.95
94533SET Championship Flatpicking Guitar Book+CD+DVD $29.95
94682SET Complete Blues Guitar Book Book+CD+DVD $29.95
94846SET Complete Electric Blues Guitar Book+CD+DVD $29.95
94562SET Complete Flatpicking Guitar Book Book+CD+DVD $29.95
95384SET Complete Jazz Guitar Method Book+CD+DVD $34.95
94560SET Complete Rock Guitar Book Book+CD+DVD $29.95
20000SET First Lessons Beginning Guitar : Learning Chords / Playing Songs Book+CD+DVD $14.95
99931SET First Lessons Beginning Guitar : Learning Notes / Playing Solos Book+CD+DVD $14.95
99973SET First Lessons Flatpicking Guitar Book+CD+DVD $14.95
99919SET First Lessons Folk Guitar Book+CD+DVD $14.95
99820SET First Lessons Rock Guitar Book+CD+DVD $14.95
95077SET Flatpickin' the Gospels (for Guitar) Book+CD+DVD $29.95
96620SET Mastering the Guitar Book 1A : A Comprehensive Method for Today's Guitarist! Book+CD+DVD $29.95
93200EPSET Modern Guitar Method Grade 1, Expanded Edition Perfect-Bound Book/CD/DVD Set Book+CD+DVD $19.95
93200ESET Modern Guitar Method Grade 1, Expanded Edition Spiral-Bound Book/CD/DVD Set Book+CD+DVD $19.95
20838SET Play Solo Flamenco Guitar with Juan Martin Book+CD+DVD $29.95
99825SET Play Solo Flamenco Guitar with Juan Martín Book+CD+DVD $29.95
94699SET You Can Teach Yourself Blues Guitar Book+CD+DVD $24.95
95119SET You Can Teach Yourself Classic Guitar Book+CD+DVD $24.95
94818SET You Can Teach Yourself Country Guitar Book+CD+DVD $24.95
95227SET You Can Teach Yourself Dobro Book+CD+DVD $24.95
95190SET You Can Teach Yourself Flatpicking Guitar Book+CD+DVD $24.95
94301SET You Can Teach Yourself Guitar Book+CD+DVD $24.95
94305SET You Can Teach Yourself Rock Guitar Book+CD+DVD $24.95

Book+DVD Packages

DVDGF09S Acompańamiento al cante : Guitarra Flamenca paso a paso IX Book+DVD $39.95
DVDGF06S Acompańamiento Al Cante For Soleá : Guitarra Flamenca paso a paso VI Book+DVD $39.95
DVDGF07S Alegrias I : Guitarra Flamenca paso a paso VII Book+DVD $39.95
DVDGF08S Alegrias II : Guitarra Flamenca paso a paso VIII Book+DVD $39.95
20402DP Art of Picking Book+DVD $29.95
93833DP Children's Guitar Method Volume 1 Book+DVD $14.95
93834DP Children's Guitar Method Volume 2 Book+DVD $14.95
93835DP Children's Guitar Method Volume 3 Book+DVD $14.95
94756DP Complete Guitar Scale Dictionary Book+DVD $19.95
93262DP Fun with the Guitar Book+DVD $17.95
DVDGF04S La Soleá I : Guitarra Flamenca paso a paso IV Book+DVD $39.95
DVDGF05S La Soleá II : Guitarra Flamenca paso a paso IV Book+DVD $39.95
97340DP Jeff Linsky Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Solos Book+DVD $24.95
96620DP Mastering the Guitar Book 1A : A Comprehensive Method for Today's Guitarist! Book+DVD $19.95
99341DP Mastering the Guitar Class Method Level 1 Teacher's Supplement and Lesson Plans Book+DVD $14.95
93200DP Modern Guitar Method Grade 1 Book+DVD $17.95

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