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Guitar A-Frame

reviewed by Tracy Wilding

The Guitar A-Frame features three hinged metal arms, two of which are connected by an adjustable strap. The strap fits over your leg, and the arms connect to the guitar at two points by means of suction cups. The amount of adjustment is fully variable simply by changing the length of the strap or moving the suction cups to a different point on the guitar. The A-Frame is highly recommended by Aaron Shearer.

From the A-Frame makers:
A completely new concept in guitar positioning, the A-Frame is designed to give you the maximum amount of flexibility in finding your optimum playing position. Using it will increase your comfort level and optimize your performance potential. The A-Frame is simple to use, yet offers a greater variety of positioning than has ever been available for the guitarist. The ability to make adjustments to three separate aspects of positioning, and then lock them into your optimum playing position is a unique feature of the A-Frame. The three possible adjustments are: - Left or Right Positioning: Adjusts the position of the entire body of the guitar to the left or right - Angle: Adjusts the angle of the guitar neck - Height: Raises or lowers the height the guitar is supported above your leg.

Note: The finish on a small number of guitars may react with the suction cups on the a-Frame, and leave a mark on the finish that will not wipe off. The vast majority of finishes have no adverse reaction to the suction cups. During the first few weeks of use, you inspect the finish regularly and contact Sageworks (the manufacturer) if you notice a problem. A refund would be available through the supplier for anyone who has this problem. A year warranty is provided.

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