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Mel Bay Records Releases New Solo Album by Jazz Guitarist Jimmy Bruno

Pursuing their goal of promoting the beauty, intensity and virtuosity of today's finest jazz musicians, Mel Bay Records will release a new long-awaited solo CD by legendary jazz guitarist Jimmy Bruno on Tuesday, November 16, 2004.

Solo is nothing but pure Jimmy Bruno! Bruno has arranged this compilation of originals and jazz standards for solo jazz guitar, presenting the listener with the opportunity to hear and enjoy every inspired unobstructed note. Whether it's the dynamic swing of "Bennie's Tune"- a Bruno original- or the romantic familiarity of Duke Ellington's "Satin Doll", Bruno digs in deep and demonstrates true mastery of the instrument.

Legendary jazz guitarist Johnny Smith recently commented on Bruno's new release saying, "This Jimmy Bruno/Solo CD should be in the collection of every guitarist, student guitarist and lovers of guitar music. His musical concepts and flawless execution are a never-ending source of amazement."

Following the tradition of previous Mel Bay Records releases, Solo is an enhanced CD that contains many additional treats for the listener. The enhanced portion of this CD presents: the artist's updated bio, a photo gallery, descriptions of Bruno's guitars and gear used in the production of this recording, portions of a recent exclusive interview for Mel Bay Records, video clips from Bruno's most recent live concert DVD - Jimmy Bruno: Live at Chris' Café, Volume 1 [also released by Mel Bay Records], plus an overview of Bruno's expansive career.

Copies of Jimmy Bruno/Solo can be purchased conveniently through the Mel Bay Records website: and through many other on-line music stores. Look for Solo at your local music retail outlet and anywhere Jimmy Bruno is performing.

Additional information including release dates, future CDs and other Mel Bay Records projects can be found at www.MelBayRecords.com, by sending e-mail to gmiller@melbayrecords.com, or by contacting Gerald Miller at (800)-863-5229.

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