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Accessories - TurboTuneTM
Jazz - Six Essential Fingerings by Jimmy Bruno
Classical - The New Frontier, Part Three: by Donald Miller
Luthier - Restoring History: The Resurrection of a 1940 Martin® D-18 by John LeVan
Makin' Trax - Do Guitarists Need MIDI? - Part Two by Phil Gates
Mastering - Two Bach Pieces by William Bay
Rock & Blues - Blues Rhythm by Chris Botta
Flatpicking - Flatpickin' the Gospels by Steve Kaufman
Fingerstyle - Gospel Guitar Solo by Duck Baker
Interview - Artist Interview: Jimmy Bruno by Doug Witherspoon
Tales from the Road - Toenail Sketch by Stephen Rekas
Cover Story - Mel Bay Records Releases New Solo Album by Jazz Guitarist Jimmy Bruno
Book Review - The Art of Picking
Happenings - Upcoming Guitar Events
L.A. Scene - TAKE THIRTY-SEVEN... - by Tim May

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